Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad

Me, my sister Dorothy, dad Merritt and brother Ray
And dad would work the land, and mom would fry the chicken, 
we’d gather at the table at the close of the day. 
We’d laugh and talk, and share our special closeness. 
You know that love we’d share back there can still touch me today.
~from Mom & Dad's Song by Lee Wright 

What can I say about Merritt G. Wright, my dad, who still seems with me at times 23 years after his death?
 He and mom provided the solid foundation of faith, hope and love my life is based on.

It occurred to me one day that I couldn't remember ever seeing him exhibit any sort of fear. He had survived dust bowl, tornadoes, the Great Depression and family tragedy, but fear did not seem to be a part of his life. I decided to ask him: "Dad, I cant remember ever seeing you afraid- have you ever been?"  He paused and thought for awhile and answered in his calm, matter of fact way "You know, I dont believe I have".  There was a hint of a surprised chuckle in his voice, but no bravado or pride.

He was just stating a fact, pure and simple. 

Merritt G Wright, Kansas Farmer photo ©Lee Wright