Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sister Wendy Brings Her Love of Art to KTWU 11

Sister Wendy Beckett aka "The Art Nun"
Im excited to announce that Sister Wendy, the world famous "art nun" comes back to KTWU this week with two new shows.
Sister Wendy and the Art of the Gospel  has her talking for the first time about her personal faith. She uses great old master paintings in the National Gallery, the Louvre and in the Fitzwilliam and some modern paintings, to tell us the gospel stories that were once universally familiar, but are now often disregarded. These are the stories that inspired her life of devotion; stories that she feels with absolute certainty, have relevance today. It airs at 7 & 10:30 PM Sunday July 28, and 7 PM Tuesday July 30.

Then July 30 at 8 PM in Sister Wendy at the Norton Simon Museum she will offer her unique and personal guide through the Norton Simon Museum, one of the most amazing collections in America